Creating Generational Legacies

Monday, February 1, 2016

Education through collaboration and masterminds

The big question-how to educate people to operate in such a new world--not only the those with natural inclination to entrepreneurship and technology.

WE have developed a great tool in my school of communications for bringing together students from social sciences and computer sciences. We created   a Media Innovation Lab where students from CS ,psychology and communications(usually technophobes) in their third year to work together on joint projects including development of social apps and prototypes and robotics.

These collaborations creates wonders. To listen to the Communication and Psychology students talk about their products at the end of the year-is amazing. The technophobia has gone. The skills they learned are very valuable for the type of world you Curt described.
This can be done at any age including elementary schools.
Again -thank you Curt for the insights. Glad your team put emphasis on the importance of the narrative.

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