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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Big Brother is watching you - Googles eye in the sky

Global Fishing Watch” unveiled last week is a new satellite-based surveillance system powered by Google was unveiled last Thursday, aiming to help governments and the public track the movement of tens of thousands of fishing vessels across the world, in nearly real time.  

The pain 
Illegal and unreported fishing by renegade fisherman  is a multibillion-dollar business which has proven notoriously difficult to monitor. 

A third of the world’s fisheries are overfished, which can create extinction of an important food supply! The ocean is an ecosystem that requires sustainability to survive, and we’re not treating it in a sustainable fashion.
The solution 
"Global fishing watch" is a free platform that will help governments, journos, insurance companies and the public (and who else?) monitor the 35, 000 fishing vessels in real time. 
Holding people accountable is an important step - 
" what you can measure you can manage"

But at what cost?

 An example of good use
The government of the Pacific island nation of Kiribati ( 800 sq miles, 103,000 population) used Global Fishing Watch to document how a tuna-fishing vessel had operated illegally inside the Phoenix Islands Protected Area. This resulted in a $1 million fine — a large sum for such a tiny government.

 Indonesia recently sank 60 boats that it had impounded for illegally fishing in its waters, part of an aggressive campaign to assert sovereignty over one of its key resources.

What are examples of not so good use? 
You can now track anything in the world from anywhere in the world. Big brother is watching you! 

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  1. Is this r and d according to The tax concessions definition?

    This is not a novel technology or analytic algorithm, but rather a simple combination of several off-the-shelf technologies into an interface that is accessible to the general public. Tracking global maritime vessels through AIS to identify unreported activity or traversal of denied spaces is already standard practice in the risk and intelligence communities. What the Global Fishing Watch project has done is bring those technologies to the masses and in doing so has demonstrated the immense power of bringing even the most basic of advances to the development community