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Monday, November 21, 2016

Life Animated - Owen Susskind - a man with a Coolability

I have just seen this inspiring movie about Owen Susskind - an autistic child and now young man - who learnt to connect through Disney Movies.

He doesn't have a disability .... as Chally Grundwag puts it - he has a "coolability" ... with guidance and support he has been able to add so much value, hope and joy to so many.

Humans with coolabilities have got massive strengths and many ways that they can add a positive influence to society. It is these cool people - who bring colour and humanity to our race, and brings out the best, and yes, also the worst of ourseselves. 

It is these humans who will provide a key to the future of employment over the next 100 years. 

As congressman Bill Foster said at the I4J forum on Tuesday (a hackathon laying the foundation of a pathway for technology creating jobs bs destroying jobs! ) - only 15% of the workforce supported by AI and automation, will be needed to provide for all our needs - what will the 85% do? 

Maybe providing support, guidance and teaching and being of service to others? 

Coolabilities is such a great word!!!


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