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Friday, March 10, 2017

Is the advancement of AI a death sentence for humanity?


Response by Lou Sarvas on Microsofts announcement on their JV with Investment firm to advance AI :-

...there's nothing to smile about. Money and billions in investment do not impress me, it's not real, it's a concept, robbery at day light. It needs dumb-down humans willing to exchange their life force for that worthless paper we call money.

The big push by B.Gates and his buddy S. Kurtweil for AI or  synthetic so called intelligence and transmutation of human kind which is trying to turn people into cyborgs is not a good news for humanity. It’s actually a death sentence. People like this dude above, the whole microsoft and apple gangs should be loaded into a rocket and shot as far  into the space as possible and never be let to come back again. Humanity does not need this artificial nonsense! Then again there are many gullible humans who will embrace this nonsense...good luck with your imprisonment, long live the FOOL. 

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  1. So - was the car a good thing for humanity? Or a plane a good thing? Or a telephone or iPhone a good thing? Or a machine that replaces an assembly line worker? How about the IBM that took the jobs of the "human computers" at NASA ? Have these innovations made the world we live in a better or worse place? Should we be living like Mormons in a village? Lou Sarvas you bring interesting food for thought !!!! Are we indeed better off? I think we are - in fact I think we are machines - just evolving at a more rapid rate than before !!!!