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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Victor Dominello inspires at a pre budget breakfast

NSW Finance Minister, Victor Dominello shared with  us the 7 D's, at a pre-breakfast NSW budget launch (where the government posted a $4b surplus, wiped out debt and has budgeted massive spending on developing infrastructure, education and health)... saying that to survive and thrive, we need to make sure we take a grasp of the technologies that will drive us to 2050 and beyond.


  • Data - knowledge and big data is key. Your decisions should be  evidence based 
  • Digital - you need to be in 21st century
  • Direct -  things need to happen in  real time 
  • Display - present it in an easy way - display tools - make it easy to digest knowledge
  • Dissection - analyse it - operationalise those insights 
  • DNA - culture - needs to be in 21st century - or you will be left behind quickly
  • 3rd Dimension - mobiles will be toast,  its  2 dimensional  - you will have glasses or contacts - giving you a 3D - augmented reality experience. digital morphing - where we will be unable to distinguish what is digital and what is real. This is the future - and we (our government) should embrace this and be at the forefront of this wave. 

It's great to see that our NSW government has a solid vision, with the motivation , authority and desire to invest in innovation and adopt cutting edge technology. 


As a Shareholder and Director of BSI and a number of Innovative Startups, I believe that  this is the sort of leadership and direction that will provide a massive boost to our Country.

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