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Saturday, September 9, 2017

12 key takeouts of why Steve Jobs was successful

Why Steve Jobs  was successful:- 


  1. Focus
  2. Simplify Make it simple - UX is key
  3. Create an ecosystem - end to end
  4. When behind, leapfrog - No CDS - straight to iTunes 
  5. Put products before profit - r and d and innovation is key
  6. Don't be a slave to focus groups - trust your intuition 
  7. Bend reality - make the impossible possible - find a way
  8. Push for perfection
  9. Have the brightest and the best - and work as a team 
  10. Engage face to face - collaboration is key - shit happens when you connect and KLT
  11. Know the big picture and the tiniest details 
  12. Be human and humourous - liberal arts:science and technology - the crazy ones that can think they can change the world are the ones that they invariably do 

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