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Monday, October 2, 2017

9 major disruptions going through major disruption to 2050

1. Artificial Intelligence- creating massive increase in output with minimum input - what will happen to jobs?
2. 3D Printing - changing manufacturing from mass market to specific creation
3. Energy - harnessing natural energy will make it abundant
4. Space Travel - creating new valuable materials ?  No longer the domain of governments vis a vis Spacex
5. Disruption Transport - self driving cars - clean energy - Uber modes 
6. Quantum Computing - silicon chip - becoming redundant 
7. Education - Universities and schools going through major disruption - Vocational education key 
8. Financial Services - Bitcoin and blockchain - new way of transacting 
9. medical Disruptions - genome data collection, research , better diagnosing through research and big data , 3 D - doctors will need to work in collaboration with AI and big data 

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