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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Mike Cannon-Brookes - Australia needs to make some important decisions

Mike Cannon-Brookes met with a senate committee  suggesting that we need to adjust our immigration policies to attract the best and brightest technologists from around the world. 

These skills will not be filled by people losing their jobs from technology disruption (drivers being a case in point - who he says will be the blacksmiths of the future )

"Displacing of jobs will cause social problems in society, it's going to come and its going to be very painful if we don't plan for it."

Technology is where we should be focussing our energy as a Nation, he says. “It is already the biggest industry in the world, well past finance and pulling away,

 We need to make some important decisions - do we want a seat on that rocketship or not. Do we want to be a primary manufacturer of technology or not? 

If we do - we need to plan for it and act accordingly.A ack of technology talent is an issue for Australia, and changes to living-away-from-home allowances and recent 457 visa changes are hurting Australia's tech industry.

While Australian technology graduates are highly sought after, Mr Cannon Brookes said "our best ship off overseas."

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