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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Who will be the next titans

From Heather McGowan

 We are moving from the 3rd to the 4th #industrialrevolution #4IR or as John Hagel refers to as it from scalable production to scalable learning. 

If you look at our largest companies by market capitalization, 

100 years ago we extracted value from natural assets using access to capital as the key differentiator. 

50 years ago the competitive advantage was rooted in access to both technology and a deployable/trained workforce to produce human made assets at scale. 

Then a trained workforce was one in which predetermined skills and existing knowledge had been codified and transferred. 

Too much of education focused on #knowledge transfer with students as vessels for stored, existing stocks of knowledge (as required to create that deployable workforce to scale production). 

Now as rising #technical #capabilities can do much of what is mentally routine or predictable we need a workforce filled with knowledge generators and value creators. 

  • Can we make this shift? 
  • For all? 
  • Who is responsible? 

We have only digitized about 20% of our economy so much of our workforce came out of the old factory pipeline model of education to work. 

Who helps those left behind? 

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