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Sunday, December 31, 2017

DVD predictions for 2018

Bring on 2018, 

Artificial intelligence applications, virtual reality going mainstream, the end of retail (Rest in peace), print news media... dead  (good riddance), solar powered houses mainstream'sh, electric cars getting cheaper, cryptocurrency/bitcoin ATMs, the beginning of the end of traditional banking, robotics and machines replacing humans for a range of industries...

And there's never been more opportunity and support from business, private investment and government in the tech space to build a tech based business, from grants, to tax incentives to well organised co working spaces, to networking events and sharing of knowledge... 

The Silicon Valley mindset of innovation is going mainstream and the pace of technology and innovation is accelerating.

I also predict a property market crash in the next 24 months... not just wishful thinking... 

Oh and baby will be able to speak English and Mandarin better than me all going to plan :D 

Its going to be an interesting rotation around the sun on our spaceship called Earth! Approximately the 4.4 billionth rotation + or - 500 million years to be relatively precise. 🤣

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