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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Robots are Coming

Jobs are not important workers are! The Swedish model works.

The Robots Are Coming, and Sweden Is Fine

The New York Times shares with us the success of Sweden ! 

In a world full of anxiety about the potential job-destroying rise of automation, Sweden is well placed to embrace technology while limiting human costs. 

Some gems:-

A Cushion for Innovation

Sweden presents the possibility that, in an age of automation, innovation may be best advanced by maintaining ample cushions against failure.

“A good safety net is good for entrepreneurship,” says Carl Melin, policy director at Futurion, a research institution in Stockholm. “If a project doesn’t succeed, you don’t have to go broke! “

Handling automation , innovation and change needs a major mindset shift from all parts of an economy and country! 

It boils down to trust !

Trust that the company will look after the employee

Trust that the state will look after the Enterpreneur

Trust that it’s about the worker and the human and not about the job!

Hope you all have an amazing 2018! 

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