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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Turning Vegetables into Delicious Tasting Sirloins and Fillets

Are you a veggie or vegan?
Have  you been craving a good old juicy steak?

If so read on.... your prayers may have been answered.

Vivera, a Netherlands based company - seems to have nailed the production of a Vegan Steak - It is a secret recipe -  the Coca Cola Of Vegetables!

"It's a combination of the right ingredients and the right processing," says inventor Gert Jan Gombert.

"The ingredients are on the packaging, the processing secrets we keep to ourselves."

The list of ingredients includes soy and wheat proteins, coconut oil, barley extract and wheat starch, with Vivera using fillet and sirloin steaks as a guideline for the structure and taste of their steaks.

How was it created? 

At Vivera, employees are  given one day a week to work on their own ideas. 

One day Gombert and his colleague Richard Jansen (head of sales) were given a prototype of the steak to taste and spent the next 4 years perfecting the design,  creation and manufacture in bulk of the ultimate Vegetable Steak .... that tastes, smells and looks like the real deal!

The team had two challenges They had to overcome 
  • How do we create the taste, texture, flavour and juiciness of a steak"  
  • How can we get this from the kitchen to the machines. Large-scale production is not always as simple as just multiplying the quantity of ingredients."

The Product is being distributed through 400 Tesca stores in the UK and it is expected to sell millions of Steaks in 2018!

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